Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Galaxy Beam Smartphone, Samsung New Full featured projector

Galaxy Beam Smartphone - Samsung re-adding to the Galaxy series smartphones (Android smartphones). As the name implies, this smartphone can also function as a projector. Capable of displaying or projecting the display on this screen to a wall or screen presentation. So just bring the smartphone to make a presentation.

Not only that, the features of this projector, it is also possible to enjoy photos or videos stored with a broader view. The size of the projected image can be raised by the Galaxy Beam, reaching 50 inches for a distance of 2 meters from the wall / screen presentations.

Galaxy Beam was also able to function as an Over Head Projector (OHP). Which display the image captured by a camera of this smartphone, can be directly projected onto the wall / screen. Features on the Samsung Galaxy Beam projector is also equipped with Mode Ambience, function to display a photo slideshow with music. And can set how long the duration of the forecast before stopping automatically.

Galaxy Beam segment is inserted into the high end. Since there are many upscale features, such as 1 GHz dual core processor, HSPA suport internet access (up to 14.4 Mbps), 5 MP camera, secondary camera 1.3 MP camera, WiFi, etc.. Galaxy Beam Smartphone prices around $ 500.

Galaxy Beam Smartphone, Samsung New Full featured projector

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